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Solar Panel Options and Installations

To create a more personalized approach, we've developed multiple solutions to cater to every situation, we explain all of the available options, and help identify the best fit. Below are a few options, customizable to specific needs and capable of strengthening an energy budget.

  1. Purchase
    Ownership receives full financial incentives as well as all energy produced by the system. This offers quick return on investment in five years or less.
  2. Lease
    If capital is not available for purchasing or does not have the tax liability for incentives, the customer can make monthly payments and receive all of the energy produced by the system. At the end of the term, the customer then receives full ownership of the solar system.
  3. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
    The customer pays $0 out-of-pocket and agrees to two conditions: to host the system using rooftop or ground space, and to purchase power at a fixed price for the term. Energy purchased from solar through this model will be equal to or cheaper than the current grid power. The investor owns, insures, and maintains the system.
  4. Energy Services Agreement (ESA)
    An ESA is a combination of a PPA and Lease option. The equipment is installed, owned, and operated by the vendor who then allows the customer to receive all of the power produced by the system for a fixed monthly or annual payment.
Our Process
Step One: We identify your needs and propose how solar can meet them through an in-depth electrical, operational, and financial analysis.
Step Two: Sign a contract with Solar One.
Step Three: We install the array and perform a post installation inspection to ensure the system meets operational requirements.
Step Four: You begin saving money from Day One.

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