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Solar One is one of the largest energy management and solar development companies that partners with businesses, educational facilities, and municipalities to substantially lower their energy costs. Solar One looks at a customer’s total energy needs holistically, finding innovative solutions to lower their energy price and their demand charges, thus making their daily operations more efficient and opening up new budget opportunities for their business and community.
The Solar One Track Record
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Our Services

Solar One gives your operation the ability to produce your own power and the potential to store it. Installing solar panels also shows how important the environment means to us and in return, solar adds to the bottom line of your operational costs. In most cases, investors can receive their return as soon as 5 years or earlier and will continue to experience savings for decades after the ROI is realized.


Ownership receives full financial incentives as well as all energy produced by the system. This offers quick a return on investment in five years or less.

Great for: Businesses, Multi-Family, and
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Let us show you how you can receive full ownership and benefits of a cash-flowing solar system without tying up capital.

Great for: Businesses, Multi-Family, and
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Electricity customers can receive energy from solar at a cheaper price than power purchased from their utility grid. This option is $0 out-of-pocket and fixed for a long term.

Great for: ISD's, Private Schools, Churches, and Non-Profits
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Our Equipment

One of the hallmarks of every Solar One project is that we only source from bankable manufacturers with proven track records. Having top-grade equipment backed with extended warranties makes our systems both viable and reliable when aiming to reduce electrical costs.

    We have taken into consideration the needs and concerns surrounding rooftop installations and only use equipment compatible with your rooftop material. Some of our solar manufacturers include:
  1. Mission Solar energy
  2. Ecolibrium Solar
  3. S-5!
  4. SMA
  5. JinkoSolar
  6. Canadian Solar
  7. GCL
  8. Fronius

In The News

Periodically, companies and organizations we work with will make a public release of what Solar One has done for them. We've provided those releases here so you can read first hand what others have to say about us.
  1. "This project is an exciting addition to our other environmental initiatives at Tyler, and we're proud to be among other energy-conscious companies in North Texas who are making our backyard more environmentally friendly," said Lynn Moore Jr., president of Tyler Technologies. Article here: https://goo.gl/RPSKox
    Tyler Technologies
  2. "Solar energy is slowly finding its way into multifamily, but Aaron Wilson, CEO of Solar One, says the technology will be embraced more when it can be built into a structure rather than retrofitted." Article here: https://goo.gl/xHt9ds
    Multifamily Executive